This is a Collaborative Blog

There is an African proverb that one of my best friends has artfully tattooed across her shoulders:

“The daughter of a lion is also a lion.”

It is one of those phrases that changed my life in a very subtle way when she shared it with me several years ago.

Being a child of Narnia, I’ve always liked the idea of God being lion-like. Although I didn’t fully make the connection between Aslan and Christ as a child reading the series, it became a very profound image for me as I grew into my Christianity. The symbol of The Lion of Judah is used to represent the triumphant Christ, and that idea has permeated Christian songs, poems, and prayers since the beginnings of Christianity. I believe the reason why the image of “the lion and the lamb” has been sustained for so long is because of the rhetorical truth in it.

With all of this in mind, if we believe that we are truly reflections of God and made in his image, there is lion in us as well.

The daughter of a lion is also a lion.

This phrase, for me, also reflects the fruits of the leaders who have come before us and led us along. As Christians, we are not just the sons and daughters of a lion, but we are also sons and daughters of lions. Through the Holy Spirit, we have been shaped by our church fathers and mothers who have come before us. We not only reflect God in our spirit, but we reflect thousands of years of written truths in theology that have forever shaped The Body of Christ. We inherit that legacy.

We carry that fierceness, strength, forward energy, and majesty of spirit with us.

The Collaboration

With that in mind, I want this new blog to be a collaborative effort. I want to take old ideas to look at new things in new ways, especially issues specific to women, suffering, mental health, friendship, relationships, emotional boundaries, current events (national and global), food ethics, and anything that has been swept under the rug in Christian discourses.

The project is titled “Daughters of Lions” and will focus a lot on women’s issues (since I’m a lady and all), but I would like to open it up to everyone.  I am not looking to blaze new trails in Christianity as much as I am looking to excavate issues with a theologically grounded and Biblical frame of mind.

All people of all backgrounds are welcome to contribute; I want this blog to go so far as to touch on the ‘phalanges’ of The Body of Christ in the pursuit of truth and commonality, and to carry a voice of boldness and truth.

Thank you for reading!

Interested in contributing?

The boundaries are loose, but I will ask for contributions to be Biblical, respectful, truth-bearing, geared toward unity in The Body, and “Merely Christian.”

If anyone is interested in contributing, please fill out the following contact form:

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